Lauren walks through her old high school, but it’s empty. No students or teachers around. A piece of paper floats through the air and flew into her face. She removes it and sees a handsome standing at his locker. He fixes his brown bangs in his little locker mirror. An orb falls out of his backpack and it lands in the middle of the hall. It cracks and a flash of light engulfs the area. It’s blinding and when Lauren reopens her eyes, the hall is full of students taking books from their lockers.

She wakes up and thinks, Who was that boy? I feel like I’ve seen him before. She tries to go back to sleep, but can’t stop thinking about that boy. She remembered he wore a green collared shirt, khaki jeans, and he had brown curly locks.

A few hours later, she gets up for work, showers, and gets dressed. Yet she still can’t stop thinking about him.

She drives to work and once she gets there she notices someone has parked in her normal parking spot. She searches for another spot and found one at the end of the parking lot. She walks across the parking lot and enters the office building. She sees a man sitting in her chair at reception. It’s the man from her dreams but ten years older.

“I’m the receptionist, why are you in my chair?” she asks.

“Talk to the boss,” he replies.

She stomps to the boss’ office and opens the door.

“Why is someone in my chair? I’m the receptionist,” she says to her boss.

“Not anymore, he’s your replacement. You’re fired,” her boss replies.

“What? Why?”

“We found someone better.”

“I’ve been working here for five years. Why are you firing me now?”

“You sleep at your desk.”

“Hey, I get tired.”

“Goodbye! Matthew packed up your stuff in a box. It’s at the reception desk.”

Lauren walked up to the reception desk and grabbed the box.

Would she ever see this man again? Maybe.

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