Kevin Anxietia at Work Pt. 2

Corey entered the grocery store and looked around. He picked up a handbasket and walked through the aisles. He saw Kevin with his work uniform under his arm (apron, tie, and white work long sleeve with buttons) walk past him while he was looking for soup in aisle six.

Kevin was trying to get to the breakroom to get dressed for work.

At the checkout, Corey set his groceries of frozen dinners and ketchup on the conveyer belt.

The female cashier nametagged “Olivia” scans the items. “That’ll be five-o-eight.”

Corey hands her a five and a one-dollar bill. He looked to his right and spotted the bagger’s nametag. “Kevin!”

Kevin looked up at him once he handed him the bags. “Oh, it’s you again. Why won’t you leave me alone?” He walked away from the register, “I’m taking my break now.”

The assistant manager was shocked, but it was slow so she let him go on break.

Corey took his receipt and tried to follow Kevin, but realized Kevin was too mad. He let him cool off.

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