Kevin Anxietia Pt. 3

Corey was a part-time door-to-door magazine salesman. He had to do this to help pay for college. It was one of the few jobs in town.

He walked down Terry Street and walked up to house number nine. He knocked on the door and once they opened it Corey said, “Hi, I’m selling magazine subscriptions. I have Vogue — ”

“I’m not interested,” Kevin said as slammed the door shut.

Corey knocked on the door again. “Come on, I haven’t sold any all day. I really need you to buy one.”

Kevin reopened the door and said, “Fine, what do you have?” He widened his eyes in the realization that it was Corey again. “Leave me the f*** alone!” He slammed the door shut again.

“What was his problem? Wait, was that — Kevin?” Corey said to himself.

Corey walked away and contemplated.

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