Alessandro Guchiani or as his associates call him, The Boss or just Boss walks into his office. Jimmy the face, a man with a bunch of warts on his face rushes in.

“Jimmy! What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?” asked The Boss.

“You’re always — ”


“Nothing Boss, I heard one of us is a rat.”

“Is it you, Jimmy?”

“No, it’s not me, Boss.”

“Then, who is it?”

“It’s — it’s — ”

“Out with it, man”

“It’s the Shiv.”

“The Shiv?”

“You know, the guy who was in prison and shives guys to death.”

“I know who the Shiv is. I’m just wonderin’ why would he be the rat?”

“I think he might have become chummy with the cops when he was in the slammer.”

“What do you mean chummy?”

“I mean, he worked out a deal with the cops to get out of prison faster.”

“You think so?”

“I think.”

“Send him in.”

“He’s busy.”

“Well, call him and tell him to get his ass over here.”

“Will do, Boss.”

Jimmy calls the Shiv and they argue, but he eventually agrees to come down to the warehouse.

The Shiv walks into the Boss’ office.

“Shiv, Shivvy. Tell me sumthin’, how many people have you killed now?”


“Wow, that’s a great numbuh.”

“Tell me this, would ya ever lie to me?”

“No, boss.” The Shiv sweat and darts his eyes to the left.

“Well then, I got an anonymous tip from an associate that there’s a rat in our group.”

“It’s Jimmy, I swear, I’m not involved in anythin’.”

The Boss pulls out his gun. “Would this change your mind?”

“I swear it’s Jimmy, he’s been acting oddly suspicious these days.”

“Wrong answer.” The Boss shoots the Shiv in the head and he falls to the ground.

“Boys! — Dispose of this body,” the boss says as he calls in his boys.

“Yes, Boss,” the men say as they pull the corpse away.

“And while ya out send Jimmy back in.”

Jimmy walks in to see the Shiv’s blood on the carpet. “So, ya killed him. That’s great! Was he the rat?”

“I thought you were sure he was the rat?” the Boss asks.

“I am- I was — I thought he — ”

“Ay-yi-yi, wrong answer.” The boss pulls his gun back out.

“Boss, wait, I — ”

The Boss shoots Jimmy in the face and falls to the ground.

“Too late for sorrys, oh wait ya didn’t say sorry.”

The Boss gets up from his chair and walks out of his office.

“Boys, come get this rat!” the Boss shouts from the doorframe.

“But, boss, we already got this rat,” one of the boys says.

“Well, get this one, too.”

“But boss.”

“Do you want to be next?”


One of the boys drops Shiv’s feet and walks back to the boss’ office. He picks up dead Jimmy and walks out.

Later that night, the Boss hears the doorbell ding once. He puts on his bathrobe and steps down the stairs. A note slips under the door. It says:

Dear Mr. Guchiani,

You’re next, you thought your associates, Jimmy “The Face” and “The Shiv” were the rats. But you were wrong. We’re coming for you. Just look deep within.


Your Murderer

The Boss’ eyes widen, but he wasn’t worried. He gets one of these at least once a week. But it lingers in the back of his mind. He went back to bed.

The next day, the Boss calls in all his associates for a meeting in his office.

“I brought all ya in here today to discuss the rat in the room,” the boss announces.

“There’s a rat in the room?” Pete aka Legs picked up his feet in his chair.

“No, you knucklehead, I mean there’s an informant, a mole working for the police. If any of ya got any leads on the mole, tell me. That will be all,” the Boss replies and finishes.

“Is that it?” Tony asks.

“That’s it, just let me know,” the Boss responds.

Everyone starts to get up or walk out, when the Boss says, “I’m watchin’ ya.”

The associates leave the room.

The Boss’ suspicions rise around Tony.

The clock on the wall quickly ticks by and the hours feel like minutes. The Boss calls Tony into his office.

“What’s up, Boss?” Tony questions.

“You’ve been working for me for a long time, right?” the Boss replies with another question.

“It’ll be five years tomorrow.”

“You’ve been counting?”

“Yeah.” Tony smiles.

“So, you’d never betray me, right?”

“I would neva, Boss.”

“Good, now get outta my face.”


“And if you’re the rat, you’re next,” the boss says with his gun pointed over his desk.

Tony gulps. “I’m not, I swear, I would neva.”

“I know.”

Tony walks out of the room.

Later that night, the Boss accompanies his men and Tony to a transaction at the docks. In a


“You got the stuff? the boss asks in a whisper.

“Yeah, we got the stuff. You got the cash?” the seller whispers back.

“Yeah, I got the cash. Give the stuff first.”

The cops knock down the front doors and one of them shouts, “Police! Hands in the air! There’s no chance in running, you’re surrounded!”

“The cops? Who would’ve tipped off the cops? Tony?”

“I’m sorry, boss. They said they find my brother’s killer faster if I told them.”

The Boss pulls out his gun and shoots Tony in the head.

The police cuff Alessandro Guchiani, the Boss and put him in custody.

The Boss is jailed for ten years, with no trial. All his men, associates are jailed for five years.

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