“This is channel ten news and breaking tonight, a string of murders in the ‘Basket’ bathrooms. The police haven’t found the serial killer yet, but they are still looking. If you have tips on the whereabouts of the killer, please call the local police,” said the male newscaster.

The viewers were terrified that in their own local grocery store there could be a killer. People still went to the grocery store because they needed food. But they were vigilant and didn’t use the bathrooms unless they really had to go. The checkout employees still cleaned the bathrooms, since they were bloody and became dirty. They were now crime scenes.

One Saturday night around eight o’clock, a loud scream was heard across the store. No one saw the killer, but when a bagger went into the bathroom to clean it. He was in shock, so he called the police. The victim was a young woman shopping for her sick aunt. She was murdered when she took a bathroom break.

The next night, the store closed an hour early, so the killer had to be quicker than usual. A young male bagger asked the manager if he could go to the bathroom. He had been holding it in for hours. He checked the front bathrooms, they were locked. He rushed to the back of the store. He opened the stall door and went.

The killer lurked into the men’s bathroom and took a steak knife out of his pocket. They stabbed the victim in the heart.

An apron hung from the hook on the inside of the stall door and it fell to the floor. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

They quickly removed the knife and shoved it back in their pocket. They walked out as if nothing happened.

A few days went by and no murders until Wednesday, a mother went to the bathroom while her husband and kids waited in the vicinity.

Her husband saw another lady enter the woman’s bathroom, she was dressed in bloody meat garbs.

The mother wiped as the killer threw open the stall door. The killer took out her steak knife from her pocket and stabbed the mom in the chest. She walked out with blood on her hands and she wiped them on her apron.

The husband ran in to check on her wife after hearing his wife scream bloody murder. And it was just that. He called the police.

Friday night was a slow night, everyone was out partying or relaxing at home. A bagger replaced the trash bags in the breakroom bathrooms, then he mopped the floors. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs and he froze. Was it the killer or just another employee? He was about to find out. He peaked out the door and saw a normal meat department associate. He wore a blood-stained smock.

“Is the bathroom all set?” the possible killer asked.

“Yes,” the bagger stuttered in fear. “Be careful the floor is still wet!”

The possible killer walked into the bathroom and slipped onto the wet floor. The knife flew out of his hand and into the air. It spun around and the blade dropped into his chest. The killer shouted in pain.

The bagger pushed open the door and saw the killer was stabbed by his own knife. “I told you it was still wet.”

The bagged was a suspect of the murder, but later, the police found the butcher’s own fingerprints on the knife. These were the same fingerprints that were on the wall and on the stall. He was sent to the hospital.

There was another killer still in the building, but who was it?

She realized her partner was killed by his own hand. What was she to do now?

She cleaned her big knife in the sink. The faucet poured water onto it, which washed the blood away and it trickled into the drain.

She would avenge her partner.

Saturday was busier than the other days of the week, except for that Saturday night. She walked up to the breakroom and found the bagger mopping the floors again. She had to use the bathroom for real. She went and left the bathroom. She told the bagger, “We’re outta toilet paper in there.”

He walked in and found they were fully stocked in toilet paper, he had just refilled the stalls.

She cornered him and took out her knife, but she heard the police running up the stairs. They arrested her for the murders and attempted murder.

The bagger knew this would happen, so he called the police before it all went down.

The knife was bagged and marked as evidence. The female butcher was sentenced to life in prison.

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